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Ephesians Sermon 8 - The Apostle at Prayer!

Ephesians 3.14-21

Wandering thoughts – we all have them in times of prayer. Paul was a wanderer too, though not so much in prayer. Here he was always focussed. His wanderings were always relevant. Again in this chapter he begins and then wanders into prayer. His opening statement is remarkable because Jews did not kneel but stood for prayer, Maybe Paul knelt because of the immense importance of the revelation he had received. He has a sense of wonder and adoration at this. He refers to God as Father for a purpose. There is a close connection in Greek between father and family. (pater and patria). Family meant a large related group more like what we would call a tribe or clan because they had a common origin. Probably here he has in mind the local church. In his prayer there are 3 petitions: verses 16, 17b, 19b. In the first he essentially is praying for strength, that his fellow Christians may be strengthened out of the resources of God that they will have vitality and courage for their life. Only God is equipped to provide the help that we need. His resources can strengthen us in every way. The Holy Spirit is the one who works within us, through him God’s resources empower us for the life to which we are called. Secondly he prays that the Spirit of God will establish within us the love of God. That we will know and experience the love of God within, that it should be the focus of our lives in company with all the saints. The love of God surpasses human knowledge. Finally he prays that we will be filled with all the fullness of God. That is a staggering thought. How can God do this? Only by his indwelling Spirit.