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Ephesians Sermon 7 - The Mystery of Christ!

Key Preaching Verses Ephesians 3.1-21 
Mystery in the Bible refers to something that cannot be learned or discovered by human knowledge, but made known by Divine revelation. It becomes an open secret when revealed. (See Col. 1:26) Part of that mystery Paul has mentioned in the reference to God’s plan to create a new humanity. This mystery dominates chapter 3. At first we encounter one of Paul’s frequent digressions, his train of thought suddenly changes as he speaks further about this mystery. (Verses 2-5) Verse 6 states the mystery and some consequences. This would have been beyond the wildest dreams of either Jew or Gentile. Paul emphasises the point by frequently using “together.” This open secret now reveals that God had planned from the beginning to create a new humanity uniting them in Jesus. Paul rejoices in his own experience of this, having gone from opponent of God’s plan to fervent supporter and instrument. Consequently it underlines that the church is not an irrelevancy. It is God’s chosen instrument having a vital role to play in what God is doing. History is going somewhere, it has a destiny and goal. The church is the focal point of history. Ultimately only the church will survive. The digression finished Paul completes what he set out to say. (Verse 12). Paul urges his readers not to be discouraged, no matter what is happening to him or them. Suffering is the doorway to glory and the Christian faith and church should remain central to the Christian life. We are to proclaim and live as God’s people so that the world may know the manifold riches and wisdom of God