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Ephesians Sermon 4 - Gods work of art

Ephesians 2:8-10

We have journeyed into the valley of gloom of life without Jesus but then lifted up to the pinnacle of redemption and salvation. Paul has given us the essence of the Gospel (Verse 8) How is one saved? Not by works (the negative) which highlights our biggest struggle. We have an inbuilt desire to earn grace. Contrary to popular folk religion God is not a good bloke to be used when needed, “She’ll be right mate” cuts no ice with him.

We cannot earn salvation so that we will not be able to boast. The Parable of the Sheep and Goats. We cannot unaided attain God’s standards of righteousness. On the positive side Paul tells us salvation is through faith by God’s grace. It is a gift. Faith is believing, trusting God and what he says.

Paul then moves on from the amazing grace of God to the amazing work of God. We are God’s workmanship. The Greek word poiema gives us our word poem. It means “something that has been made” referring to any work of art. We are God’s masterpieces, God’s works of art. This is a person, once dead in sins, now made alive in Christ, a new creation.

However we may appear physically, God is at work within and that is meant to show. If we doubt our worth, stop judging by worldly standards. God hasn’t finished with us yet. We are becoming what God declares us to be. Our response is first to believe what Paul tells us and to receive the grace of God in salvation and place ourselves in his hands. Allow the Spirit to finish what God has begun in us. Do the works God calls you to do. This is the outworking of being “made alive in Christ.”