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Ephesians Sermon 1 - The Mystery of God’s Will!

CHAPTER 1: 3-10

In the original Greek this section and through to verse 14 is one long sentence It is a wonderful passage which bursts forth from the writer expressing joy and exhilaration as he gives praise to God.  It is a celebration of blessing and salvation.  Note these words:  forgiveness, redemption, sonship, salvation, Holy Spirit.  Paul praises God in recalling the astonishing plan of God formulated before time, the mystery of his plan, to pour out upon humanity the wonderful gifts of his grace. For the Christian God is our Father. We are his sons by adoption. This highlights the personal element of our relationship. Christianity is a corporate relationship. The Bible makes no place for individual Christians. Paul marvels that God should choose us for himself and the mystery through which this is accomplished before our creation. The joy of knowing God, for all he has done through Jesus to reconcile and bless us; as members of his family; giving us every spiritual blessing. All this is the wonder of his grace and pleasure. He has revealed to us his will and purpose and that we have an inheritance in Christ. He calls us to live to the praise of his glory as his own people