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Sermon Notes - Ephesians Series

Ephesians – Introduction.

Paul had been taken prisoner while visiting Jerusalem after he was falsely accused of breaking then law and the ensuing riot forced the Roman officials to act. He eventually had to appeal to the Emperor in order to get a fair trial, so he was sent to Rome. This is all recorded in Acts 21: 27 – Acts 28. While in Rome he was under house arrest. This accorded him some freedoms including receiving visitors, and communicating with others. It also gave him time for reflection upon his years of ministry and the message of the Gospel. The Letter to the Ephesians is a product of that time. His focus is that the Church, the people of God are the new humanity. The Letter appears to be a circular one, the title to Ephesus, does not appear in the earliest editions available. So Paul was probably writing to a group of churches of which Ephesus was the major one. It has been praised as the most comprehensive statement of the meaning of the Christian faith. It has a dual focus on Christ and the Church. Ephesians and Colossians have complementary roles. Colossians is the great expression of the person of Christ in relation to his cosmic significance and Ephesians is more focussed on the role of the Church as the Body of the Cosmic Christ on earth. We see here the place and role of the church in bringing about the new order God is establishing. It brings home to its readers the great drama of the purpose and plan of God to bring everything in heaven and on earth together as one in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a letter with an ecumenical message which is salutary for every church, every Christian, in every age with its strong emphasis on unity in Christ. It is a letter that we have neglected at our peril. Let us then in humility allow it to inform us and transform our thinking and our doing that he of whom it speaks to us may be glorified in us and we in Him.

We will commence a series on this letter from Next Sunday 12th July

For our first week we should pre-read Chapter 1: verses 1 – 14

It would be preferable if we did this several times in the week and in the following weeks read the next week’s passage in the same way